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I'm a 30 year shopper with QVC, and will continue to shop here!  High quality items, great customer service.  But I've noticed in the past year or longer, the trend to sell items that are outrageously priced, and a push (it seems) from QVC to put these items into viewing times that more people are watching.  I know Dyson brand carries a high price tag; and I can afford their products, and don't have a problem with the price, but what happened to reasonably priced items that "most of us" purchase?  Why the major push from QVC recently to highlight these really high priced things, like this hair dryer?  Truth is, we can get great results from a decent hair dryer that costs far less than even $100.  Same thing is happening with women's handbags; ok, we all like to splurge once in a while on a designer bag, but real-life women aren't looking to spend $250 and higher on a handbag, that frankly, can disappear just as easily as a $75 handbag.  Come on QVC, come on back to catering to 'real world' women who want to spend their money carefully!

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

This complaint again? There are other hair dryers to buy at lower prices, available at the Q & other retailers. Can I afford the Dyson hair dryer, NO but that shouldn't limit others opportunity to buy it...they are spending their money not mine. My Conair hair dryer was free with a $20.00 purchase from Sally's.

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

@JanAZ.  Why should a woman, who wants a Dyson hairdryer and is willing to pay for it, be denied the opportiunity to purchase it just because you think the price is excessive?


QVC has sold millions of Dooney and other expensive handbags, proving there are many people willing to treat themselves.  Women have good, well-paying jobs these days and can afford luxury goods.  We all know where we can find a $50. handbag or hair dryer but sometimes we want better.


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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

I buy Dooney, Brahmin, Frye, Coach, Kors and other name handbags and yes, they are above $75 but the $399 hairdryer is a stretch even for my daughter and DIL, both of whom like to spend money. 


I believe this is a professional-level hairdryer or perhaps it is for the women who married a billionaire and  does not want her to leave home to get her hair fixed so she has someone come in to do it and that someone likes a really nice hairdryer that is dependable so he/she does not have to bring their hairdryer with them. Smiley Wink

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

I'm not married to a billionaire and I own one.  I also don't necessarily think it's a professional dryer.  They offer a variety of products at a variety of prices.

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

My washer cost $399.  I'm not paying the same for a blow dryer. Woman LOL

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

I don't mind that they show expensive stuff, but I wish they would also show cheaper options.  And I'm not talking $100 for a dryer or a handbag. I see all price ranges for kitchen items, but not so much for hair appliances or handbags.

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

There may be some women who would enjoy telling their friends they own a $399 dryer....maybe a status thing. Silly, since it stays in the bathroom drawer.


I’d be more apt to spend $399 if it had a crossbody strap, or hung from a nice chain, wrapped around my wrist, had diamonds on

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

Oh here we go again. *sigh*Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Dyson Hair Dryer for $399?

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Tell you what! Three years ago Shawn on Friday night beauty had a special one day only T3 rose gold blow dryer 159.00 never imagined paying that, but! Needed new blow dryer, loved white choice, ordered to this day enjoy using.


Don't understand why the negative comments, holiday season and more than sure that the Dyson blow dryer is requested by a large number of people.