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I ordered the Dyson Airwrap when it came “in stock” four days ago my order has since said “in process” but now it’s saying back order so I don’t even think they have it in stock at all and to make it even better Qvc charged me twice for the product and overdrew my bank account CS said they’ll fix it but I’d love to know how they are able to even charge me at all if I did not agree to wait for backorder since I thought it was in stock. My EDD is supposed to be tomorrow but I don’t have my hopes up that I’ll get it and I won’t be ordering through this flawed waiting game system again.
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I too ordered the Dyson Airwrap Smooth and Control; I originally wanted the complete edition, but I settled for what was available.  I placed my order on 11/17/2018, as it was listed as "in-stock" at the time I placed my order.  By 11/22/2018, it was placed on backorder.  The original EDD given was 11/29/2018, which I took with a grain of salt due to it's popularity.  Now CS says the best date they can give me is 2-3 weeks from when they placed it on backorder and if it doesn't come in by then, that QVC will cancel  my order!  This is unacceptable to me, because I have already been charged (or at the very least the money has been placed on hold) for something that was presented to be already in stock or as being available very soon, but actually wasn't. I don't mind waiting, but to not even be informed of whether or not I will even get the product is ridiculous. With an item this expensive and this hot, QVC should know if and when they will be getting more stock before they market it as available! I'm very disappointed and I hope to be hearing some proper explanations from either QVC or Dyson.

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I agree with who started this string. I also bought the dryer but now have the airwrap and obsessed and want to return the dryer and I am going. 

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Check out some of the gals on YouTube using this thing. Hysterical.

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When will the Airwrap be available on QVC again?