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I am obsessed with this new Dyson product but just purchased the Dyson hair dryer 5 months ago today Smiley Sad I can't justify 2 dryers but boy do I wish now that I'd waited! 

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I watched a demo from the linked e-mail the Q sent me, and that is one seriously cool looking gadget!  However, my DH bought me the Dyson drier for Christmas last winter, and I have two sizes of Beachwaver for my fine, straight hair, so I also cannot justify buying yet another hair tool.  I hope anyone who gets it reviews it here, it looks very versatile!

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One hour presentation not letting the models demonstrate the dyson hair dryer.

The customers need to see a non professional use the product.  Pretty irritating.

That stopped me from ordering.  If its soo easy u say...let  us see models using it!


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I hope so too! I'm dying to hear if it works as perfectly as they are showing on this demo!

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Yes the only person that styled her own hair was the Dyson rep. I wanted to see a model give it a try! 

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I don’t regret buying the dryer as I love it and it has more control and attachments that the styler doesn’t. I do want to buy the new styler though. 

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My daughter showed me a video of this new gizmo and I said, uh no, this looks like another lame Dyson product.

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You have to have some strong, healthy hair to take all of that.

Several months later would be checking on hair loss and over all

stress to the hair.

Dyson vacuums are way over priced and hyped it may be the same for their hair dryers.

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I’m eager for reviews on usability. I really like my beachstyler and regular hair dryer so I won’t be an early adopter. 

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Maybe it is just me, but even if I was rich, I could not bring myself to pay $500.00 for a HAIR DRYER!!! That is so over priced.


They are also not mentioning whether you an use styling gel before drying. I have the finest hair in the world. There is no way it would take a curl (and last even if it did manage to get a curl) with this dryer.


They sold 2000 of them, so I am clearly in the minority for paying that much.


The curls look pretty once they come out, but then they move right onto the next model. I want to see the "curl rough housing" such as Nick Chavez or Chaz do. They brush through the curls and then fluff them out to show they can stay curled.


I will be interested to read the reviews once they come in. I would still not pay that amount, but I think the price is based on the Dyson name.