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I have dark brown hair and I am soooo tired of coloring it.  It is ready to be colored every 3-4 weeks.  I try to stretch it out by touching up roots around my hairline but even that is so annoying. Anyone else need to color so often?  I am just not ready to go gray yet.  I am only 63Smiley Happy 

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I am with you by three weeks my roots are back. My stylist has a good eye so she will alternate highlight, lowlight and cover the roots each month so they are not so drastic. But even my husband says no to the gray so I go every four weeks.

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I feel the same way about being so tired of coloring my hair. I also have to do it every 3-4 weeks. I've decided I'm going to go gray and if I absolutely hate it I can always color it again. 

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I also have to color my hair every 3-4 weeks.


My hair is dark brown and I am currently blonde.


The dark roots are horrible so I need to touch up often.  What a pain !



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I am younger than you but also color my roots every 4 wks. My hair is also dark brown. It is certainly a chore, lol, but I save a lot of $ by doing it myself. Its easy enough, but yeah, I never look forward to it. Lol

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Re: Dyeing Hair!!

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I have dark brown hair and I used to be able to go every 6 weeks if I hide in my house that last week.  LOL  I go every 5 weeks unless I have an event or something and then I go at week 4.


My mother is 83, she still gets her hair colored every 4 weeks.  She has gone much lighter over the years but she won't ever go gray.


I think I will be the same.  A few years ago, I went 2.5 shades lighter.  I will probably go a shade or 2 lighter again this summer.

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I've bee keeping my hair darkish brown, and I go every 4 weeks, I could go every 3, but that's not happening. On my last appt. the stylist and I decided to go a little lighter, and I got Carmel highlights. I'm older than you, but it was fun to try something different. I really like the highlights, the only downside is that it's more expensive. No way am I going gray, I'm not trying to fool anyone, I just want to look nice🌺

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I got tired of coloring my hair too.  It was every 4 weeks so I stopped.  I am salt & pepper and a few years older than you.  As long as you have a nice haircut and your hair is shiny and healthy, you will look fine.  I never regretted going gray.  Cat Very Happy

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@QVCkitty1,  Do you actually think that coloring your hair makes you look nice and gray hair doesn't?  It's how you take care of yourself.  Your haircut style, the condition of your hair.  I have seen many women with gray or salt & pepper that look beautiful.  I have salt & pepper and receive compliments all the time.  I have a good haircut and my hair is shiny & healthy so please think again when you say that you don't look good if you have gray hair.  Cat Very Happy 

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I do mine every 4-6 weeks depending upon how bad the fire break is in my red hair with dishwater blonde roots. It is the price we pay for beauty. I touch up the roots first and then the rest as red fades and needs all over touch ups! Just call me Lucy!