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Have any of you ever used one of the scent duplication sites on the internet? I am looking to replicate a favorite discontinued scent and was wondering how it works or if it'd even be somewhat close? 


Any thoughts or reccomendations?


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Re: Duplication of a Perfume?

@Jacie   Looking forward to answers.  Would love to find a realistic dupe for Fracas,  Thanks for your post.

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Re: Duplication of a Perfume?

I don't know about duplication but sells current fragrances and older/discontinued one's that you don't see on the market anymore.

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Re: Duplication of a Perfume?

I buy hubby's fragrances from quality fragrance oils dot net.  He likes them and I like them on him Smiley Happy  I usually buy Tom Ford impressions.

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Re: Duplication of a Perfume?

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Interesting thread. There was an old fragrance from Molton Brown called Dianthus (no the current one sold at Walmart NOTHING like it...(BF bought it for me thinking he had found a dupe for me), Barney's NY used to carry it in the early 90's!


I've Googled everything, including emailing MB, NOone (probably all kids who weren't even born when this existed now work for the company) recognizes or knows anything about this old fragrance. It was absolutely beautiful, and so unusual.


No ebay, no nothing. I Google it every once in a while, recently found an old chat room thread where someone, who sounded like me (I thought did I post this? lol but it wasn't)...said they too had contacted the company but no one knew what it was. They even mentioned the beautiful glass bottle with glass stopper (I still have mine) it came in.


So...all that to say....I bet this couldn't be duped even IF this company can make great ones...if no one has any history on this fragrance.


Molton Brown missed the boat discontinuing this one. Anyone here, by chance remember it??

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Re: Duplication of a Perfume?

I don't know of any duplication websites but I do know there are less expensive similar perfumes compared to high end. There are reputable discount websites that have discontined fragrances. Fragrance Net is one of them.