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Dupe for Perlier Black Rice Lip Balm


Do any of you know of a dupe for Perlier's Black Rice Lip Balm? I really like it but am not willing to spend $25, plus shipping, plus tax on a tube of lip balm. TIA

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Re: Dupe for Perlier Black Rice Lip Balm

I don't know of a dupe for it, but on the hsn site it is on sale for 39.00 for 3 tubes, bring the price down to 13 a tube. plus 3 dollars shipping and tax.

also today there is a single tube for 15.95 on autoship.

You might want the 3 tubes and keep an eye open when Skip and Amanda  are on with a free shipping day.

I have a tube, and like it very much. I don't have any idea when I would use it up, I need to be more mindful and apply it more often. hth