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In light of the class action lawsuit being brought against WEN, how many of you will quit using/send back your WEN products -- or do you feel safe using it?
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I've been using Wen since 2008 without issues. I think the lawsuit has no merit. Tort lawyers can be greedy and this one has a long road ahead of her. I'd never throw my Wen out.

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I'm not dumping anything. I just bought 4 big bottles and will probably order the next new seasonal when it is introduced this summer. Consumers have an obligation to know what they're using, if it's going to be a trigger for any allergic reaction. With this lawsuit, no one knows if the plaintiffs had anything else going on. I am perfectly at ease using it - no worries at all. WEN helped me to regrow hair. I've been using it exclusively for 3 1/2 years and will continue to use it as long as I can afford it.

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Why would people that get good results dump it? People that don't, stop buying it because it does not work for them. I doubt this lawsuit will have much effect of sales. There are no studies proving hair loss - or not.

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Why would I do that? Just because someone files a lawsuit doesn't mean my hair is going to start falling out. Lol. I've been using it for years and plan to continue. If it ever stops working for me, then I'll evaluate my options.
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I've been using WEN for years and nothing compares to it imo. I will continue to use.

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I'm going to use mine up and be done with it, but not because of losing hair. I have thick hair so not an issue with me. My problem is I hate having to use up water for 10 extra minutes trying to rinse Wen out of my hair after cleansing. And still, after a day or so, my hair feels heavy and like I didn't get the residue out.

My $ account will thank me I'm sure. Smile

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Hello, SherryBW and welcome. Smile

My advice for people who are concerned about how their hair will react to WEN and they just bought, try using it as a regular conditioner (putting it on your hair after it's been shampooed). That way, people won't feel like they wasted their money and they won't have to be concerned about their hair and scalp.

I know that Chaz said that's not how you're supposed to use WEN, but if people are concerned about what it will do to their hair, they're probably not going to use it as it's instructed anyway.

Or they could always return it and get a refund.

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It doesn't cause me a reaction so why would I quite using it? Heck no, I am not giving up my summer honey peach- it is the best hair product ever! {#emotions_dlg.wub}

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This lawsuit doesn't change my mind about a product that's worked for me for years, I will keep using it as long as it works for me.