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Hi ladies, Any recommendations for super duper hydrating moisturizing hair masks? 


I have long curly hair and this dry winter and indoor heating is not going easy on my hair.


Would love some advice. Smiley Happy



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@mintedrose  I would give Biolage Hair Balm a try.  It's very thick and you just scoop it out of a tub with your fingers (like a thick sour cream) and can tell the difference right away.  From the brand Matrix.

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@mintedrose  Try Acure Mega Moisture Argan and Pumpkin shampoo.  You will receive instant moisture.  There is a conditioner but I don't need it.  You can purchase at their website, Target,  This is by far the best moisture shampoo I have ever used.

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I like biolage too. Smells great too.
Redken so soft.
Suave coconut conditioner instead of shampoo. Some people consider it a dupe for Wen.
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I’ve tried everything and spent tons of money on high dollar “fixes” (ie; Bumble and Bumble, etc.) and finally found 2 that work great for my hair. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Conditioning Mask in a jar and Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Conditioner in a tube. Available just about everywhere and buying both will total under $15.

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have used coconut oil, 

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Wen Remoist and Davines makes a wonderful hair mask called Nounou. I switch off using both of these on a weekly basis. They both are very hydrating and really brighten my highlights too.

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I have thick curly hair that I literally fried with box hair color.  I switched to a henna hair color and I apply a mix of oils to my scalp when it is still damp and massage into my scalp.  I use castor oil and wen rosemary oil.  My hairdresser was shocked when I returned to her for my next cut after her telling me my hair was in such bad shape and how it has really turned around.  I now have very healthy shiny hair.

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I used this just one time and I was hooked. It changed my hair and brought it back to life. Great customer reviews!


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I will add one more for you to try.

I gave my daughter a sample packet of Marc Anthony Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Treatment.

She has very thick, coarse, dry hair & her hair felt so soft & silky after she used this.