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Hands down DryBar!  And I see that today only is 50% off Smiley Happy  Thank you @teganslaw .  I would have never seen known of the sale.  Off to stock up and try a new scent even tho the original is incredible.

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LOL, did anyone know it was "National Lazy Day"?  It was on the DryBar website (I guess assuming we're lazy if we're using dry shampoo).

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@teganslaw  I recently picked up a trial size of Dove Volume and Fullness at Target and liked it enough to order a full size spray.

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There are so many choices. I'll probably be checking out trial sizes first, then go from there. I won't be heading out tomorrow as there is a heat advisory out. Either online or waiting until Friday when temps go down. 

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I use the Batiste Bare Dry Shampoo and it works great. The thing with dry shampoo that I’ve realized is that some may work for one person and not for me. I like this Batiste one and stick to it. 

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@teganslaw   Dry shampoo  is excellent for oily hair.  It soaks up the oil so be careful because it can dry your hair out.

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Not Your Mothers brand

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Philosophy is my & DIL current fav.  She has extremely fine hair and it helps give her volume.   I have Amazing Grace and Pure Grace.  Works really well.


I actually have tried tons of them...and I agree....what works for some may not for others.  Trial and error til you find your fav.  Dove was a major NO for me.  Made my hair feel dry.


Not Your Mother is my next fav line.  Never really found a drug store brand I liked.


Oscar Blandi was a No.  Oily, no volume and smells like Pledge.


While I LOVED Ojon, their dry shampoos quit spraying after a few uses no matter what you I don't trust his Tweaked and have read reviews they quit spraying also.


Good luck, there really are so many choices out there, you should have no problems finding one you like.

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I have tried so many and I have given up.  Just to name a few, TRESemme Freshstart did nothing, Toni & Guy which was highly recommended was useless, Philosophy Pure Grace, smell was overwhelming and didn't dissipate.  My friend couldn't even stay near me., Tweeked 2xl fiber lift seems to be just ok.  No more dry shampoos for me.