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I got samples from this brand and I am loving it. I know it is pricy but the marula oil is wonderful but I can find a cheaper version at the drug store.


Does anyone use the GlycolicNight Serum?  How would you compare it to the BHA and AHA from Paula's Choice?

The C-Firma day serum is very nice but worried about the price.


Would love to hear what others think and cheaper versions here on the Q or at the drugstore people use instead.

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Try to get samples or buy where you can return. The products are too strong for me. The only products I can use is the Marula Oil and the Lala Retro Whipped Cream. I like them both.

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I use and love Drunk Elephant products.


Can't make any comparison with PC as I found her products too strong for me.


The Vit C is excellent as are the eye cream, and the 'old fashioned face cream' name not popping into my head, but it is a great cocktail addition.

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You only use the C serum every third day so it actually lasts a long time and worth the price. It has made my skin glow, I love it.


The night serum gave me little whiteheads so I am sticking with my PC BHA. My skin is very acne prone so I don't know how typical that issue is for others with this product.

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Re: Drunk Eleephant

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@bronx, I caved on the C Firma a few months ago. Wasn't fond of the price but it gets such awesome reviews. It actually does last a very long time. They recommend using 1-2 pumps so I use 1 to exend the life of. Also it only need to be applied every 3rd day. So far I have had mine for about 3 months and my previous Vitamin C product did not last that long. I don't have spots to minimize but I do feel that my skin does look softer and brighter.

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Thanks for letting me know every third day. I didn't know that.


I have a prescription retinol product I use every other night.  May need a skin care flow chart!