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Re: Drugstore Shampoo and more....

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@Sweet_Serenity  I use Acure's shampoos because they do not have sulfates and all the other bad stuff and are reasonably priced around $7.  I own Clarifying, VOlume and Mega Moisture (my favorite for instant moisture to hair).  I purchase from but there are other sites that carry their products, including Target.


Skincare:  I still love No. 7 Beautiful Skin spf 15 before I apply my tinted moisturizer and Fresh Vitamin Nectar moisturizer gives a boost of hydration but I like it very much but have only used for 2 weeks now.  Hopefully, I will see other results as time goes by.  


Sometimes I use oils (Phoenix by Herbivore or Marula by Acure) at bedtime but currently enjoying the Vitamin Nectar and you only need a small amount because it spreads easily and will last a long, long time.  

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Re: Drugstore Shampoo and more....

Drugstore shampoos are made by the same companies that make the expensive Salon shampoos on the most part.  Their quality also improved dramatically over the past 5 -8 years. There are a few Salon brands I like such as Redken Extreme and Paul Mitchel but I am finding I am loving Pantene and Suave again