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Dream Creams in Apricot Berry, color matches?

Does anyone here know if there are lip colors, (gloss, lipstick, anything) that have thr same or similar colors to the second and third from the left (the two middle colors) in the Apricot Berry lip palette? I don't want to purchase the whole palette again, because I use only the middle colors, especially the one that's second from the left.

It's hard to find the dream cream in Apricot Berry except for in a kit, but I don't want all four colors anyways. Laura used to have a gloss combo here called "Carrie's Lips", but the only one that seems to still be around is Laura's Lips, which doesn't flatter my coloring.

I'm a little sad, because I thought I finally found a line of cosmetics that had perfect colors for me. I can't necessarily wear what's "in style" because there's a limited number of colors that look decent on me. Apricot Berry in blush and lip color are so gorgeous for me, but they seem to be disappearing. To those of you who have tried the latest collections, do they seem like they will work for an Apricot Berry coloring?Smile