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I used her products for years with great results.  Wonder if she is being dropped from QVC as she isn't on much now. 

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I don't know anything about a cancellation but the TSV will be a supersize anti aging kit. It will have Microdermabrasion Cream 6 oz tube, Hydroshield 4 oz, Med Md 33 eye cream 1 oz and a brand item Essential Lipid Whipped Cream. This will be on 1/23. I checked her Facebook page and see nothing about a cancellation.

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I received the same email, however, it wasn't all her shows for the day. It was only the 3 am show that was cancelled. Text from original email below:

An Airing of Dr. Denese SkinScience is No Longer Scheduled
Original Air Date
Tuesday, 01/23/2018,3:00AM - 4:00AM EST
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That sounds awesome!  I was hoping that the kit did notinclude her face soap.  It's a good product, but I am addicted tp Purity by Philosophy.  But, all of the other products are amazing!  Is pre-order available?  I'll call customer service and find out.  Smiley Happy