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Does anyone know what the Dr Denese TSV will be this weekend? Or how much? Anyone have any good results with this line? I don't see her on as much as I used to.

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Check out top of your screen - "Early Access!  Shop Dr. Denese TSV Presale."

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Re: Dr Denese TSV

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@Stevie Nix wrote:

Check out top of your screen - "Early Access!  Shop Dr. Denese TSV Presale."

I don't have that at the top of my screen, either the Forums or the QVC home page. If I'm on the Beauty page, it tells me to Discover the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. If I'm on the QVC Home page, it says "Easy Pay on This Selection of Dresses."


Nowhere can I find anything that says "Early Access! Shope Dr. Denese TSV Presale."


And according to the forum timer, I'm posting this about 7 minutes after your post.

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Exciting News!!!
The Dr. Denese TSV will be on Friday, March 31, 2017!!!!
 Dr. Denese for a full 24 hours! 

The Dr. Denese Skin Care TSV will consist of some of
your all time favorites!

The Hydroshield 
Acqua Cell Technology Ultra Hydrating Kit
will have the following products
1. Hydroshield Face Serum 
2.Hydroshield Eye Emulsion
 3.Hydroshield Face Emulsion
            4. Hydroshield Hydrating Cleanser

This luxurious kit will take your dry, wrinkled, parched skin, and turn it into the softest, most supple and beautifully hydrated skin that you have always wanted!
You will see and feel the difference with this incredibly Hydrating Dr. Denese Skin Care Kit
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If you go AD the next shipment will be 10% less and you will get a 3.4 oz microdermabrasion cream. Free shipping.
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If you go to the Q home page scroll till you see March Mania and click on expiring beauty deals for more info. Smiley Happy
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Has anyone used the Face and Eye Emulsions?  I've never used them and don't know if it would be worth it to get the whole kit.  I have dry 68 year old skin with worsening wrinkles - thanks!