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Dr Denese Product and safety seals.

Well the only way you can get to her company to complain is through the Q and all you get from CS is I'm sorry. They have never been able to help and this is a constant complaint.

Everytime I order one of her products, I have to return, because of no safety seal. It is sealed in the package sent to you, but the bottle itself has no shrink wrap or safety seal around the product. I just got another RX item, returned one already. Pop open the top cap and there is the product ready to come out. The cap has no seal, and even cheap grocery store cosmetics have a seal. This product is 95.00. Well, CS has an e mail to the beauty dept to call me. I told them, I have complain before, tired of ordering and sending back and I am going to fight this all the way, so they do something about it. Not just for me, but it is a health thing. The bottle are solid, so you also don't know how much has been used, if it is a return, etc.

The Q said, they can't be responsible for how it is sent. I said, if you sell it and you can't give me a number to call them and complain and question, and you are charging me 95 dollars, it is your responsibility.

Any suggestions? They told me not to return it until i get a phone call from the dept.