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Re: Done with eBay Vent

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@Deree wrote:

Update.  I received a full refund from the seller who by the way appears to be a drug store  type of entity as opposed to an individual seller.  There was no apology and no acknowledgement of their error.  Just the refund.


I have only bought a few things from ebay so I don't know proper etiquette so should I leave review at all?  Do I leave a neutral review?  A positive review explaining that the seller resolved an issue I had?  Thanks for your input.

@Deree I'm glad that the seller promptly refunded you.  It's up to you what type of feedback you want to leave.  For large scale sellers, they probably don't care what feedback you leave.  For small scale sellers, it is important.  

I am both a buyer and seller on eBay.  I've always tried to do the right thing for my buyers.  Even though I've made a few mistakes, I've only had one negative feedback in 20 years.  Out of the many purchases that I've made on eBay, I have had a few situations like yours.  The only time that I've left negative feedback was for a seller who was obviously selling things that were never delivered.  That was back in the early days of eBay.  I did that to let other potential buyers know that the seller was not honest.

Whatever feedback you decide to leave, you should include a comment.

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@Shelbelle wrote:

You should feel comfortable about buying a 3 pack, hair color lasts forever as long as it is not mixed yet, I have stored it unopened for years.

Ebay always makes it right, just hang in there.

Not so quick! I had a hair color (not sure how old). All seemed fine until I went to squeeze it-- it cracked and went everywhere on my vanity! Oy!

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Just a tip. I too LOVED a Clairol haircolor product that was discontinued so when I first heard that I bought up at least 2 years worth (all I could find) and after a 2 years the plastic bottles started to crack (had to switch the contents over to a spare) AND the color itself was blah. Guess the peroxide evaporated or? So pass on the old hair color if it's older than 2-3 years IMHO.I know it's hard to find a dupe but If you want one ask here (or go to the website of the brand you like and ask them...Clairol did for me) and I'm sure you'll get an answer. I always do. Good luck.