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Re: Doll10 TS On HSN

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  1. @Daysdee wrote:

    I'm trying it.  I have liked some of the Doll10 items.  Doris sure  has a different "personality" on HSN.  She is screaming and way to excited.   Guess I fell for the "hype" and hope  I like the kit.  I much prefer her more quiet approach on QVC.

    I got it too, I'm a fool for a new concealer lol.  I thought the brush and lipstick shade looked nice too.  I really need a new mascara, so I thought why not.  Practically sold out when I got it, only medium was left which is what I get in her line anyway.  I thought about it all day and finally decided what the heck, lol.  Hope we both like it.  Smiley Happy
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It's completely sold out! I didn't buy it but interested in the new concealer.  For those that purchased,  hope you love it Heart Please post reviews. I almost bought the eyeliner set but need to finish my holiday gift shopping first before I pick up gifts for myself Woman Wink 

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@MrsCat21 wrote:

I have this foundation and I do like it, but,  I wanted to try the Hydraluxe foundation next.  So a pass for me...


@MrsCat21 I didn't care too much for her Hydraluxe foundation.  It's very runny.  I prefer her HydraGel foundation over it, although both have yellow undertones.

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after reading all these lousy responses thank goodness I was able to cancel at the last minute.