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I have a real issue with Doris Dalton's lipsticks!  In two different formulas, the lipstick has broken off at the core, leaving it vitrually unusable.  The colors are great, but I cannot have a lipstick that breaks!  I contacted the company, and the "customer service" (if you want to call it that!) told me it was a soft lipstick and I should keep it in the refrigerator (!)  So much for that brand . . .  I will never order it again.  Will stick to Laura Geller, which I love.

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That is disappointing!  To rescue the one you have, can you use a brush to apply?  I might think about that if I liked it enough.  Can’t believe they didn’t offer to replace it.  LM

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 I have several Doll 10 lipsticks & have never had a problem with them breaking.Are you twisting up the tube too much?

  Their c.s. Should have replaced the lipstick.

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I agree.  I ordered a set of three gel lipsticks last month and they are not what I expected.  They do break off in the tube, even if you put them in the fridge.  In addition to that, the colors do not last.  Doris said all three colors were different.  They aren't.  They are almost identical.  I am not a pale lipstick person and these colors make me look like a ghost.  I love lipstick but I will never purchase these again.  I'll stick with a couple of favorite drugstore brands, Clinique, and Estee Lauder. 

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I haven't had the breaking issue,but they do not last at all.  It's a waste of money unless you have time to reapply every hour.

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If you read reviews of the products, this is common.  I ordered some over the summer that arrived with 3 out of the 4 tubes already broken.  I attributed it to the fact they may have sat in a hot warehouse or hot truck.


So far I've not had the problem with the couple of tubes I have but I only twist a very, very little out of the bullet so not much is exposed.  I also haven't used them much so we'll see.


I also own some of her lipstick that almost look like a crayon or pen.  They aren't a traditional tube.  Anyhow, they are very, very soft.  I've not had an issue with them breaking but they make a total mess inside the tube because they almost just crush as you are trying to put them on.


I do love the set of 2 that are the lipstick on one end and gloss on the other.  I've had no issue with those whatsoever and those are 2 of my favorite lipsticks/glosses.  I wear them all the time.

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@KentuckyWoman  I bought 2 sets of her lipsticks (in tube and crayon type) and both were HORRIBLE!  The cases of the stick type broke (very cheap case) and the gloss end melted.  The crayons (and the other type) were, as mentioned, basically ONE shade, and all washed me out exactly as was mentioned.  $30 thrown in the trash!!  Never again.

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I agree. I've not had this happen. her lip products work the best for me.  Sometimes you can just get a bad batch but c.s. should have helped. That's disappointing.

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I would complain on Facebook.  Address your  post directly to Doris Dalton. Tell her  you are very upset. 

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Chiming in to agree with most of you.  I loved the colors and the lipsticks were very pleasant to wear - if they only lasted longer than two minutes.