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Beautiful colors but they look like they bleed in the fine lines.I see them bleeding on Janes hand...does anyone have these and find that they stay put?

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I got both the crayon pencils and color with gloss...the gloss does bleed into the lines above my lips...

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@dex I would like to see the colors as I only saw the tail end of the presentation.  I would only use on top of a lip color at the the bottom and top center of lips....I am 50 and don't do the all over gloss anymore.

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@dexI didn't see the particular presentation you are referring to but I have seen the exact same thing on other Doll 10 presentations in the past when they did the swatches of colors on the hands- they all were bleeding into the fine lines on the hands. I was going to try them but after I saw that, I decided against it. Too many other glosses out there that don't do that, even if swatched on hands. 

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I've got just the cure for those lipgloss line runs.....I use the ELF Lip Lock Pencil. A clear lipliner that keeps lipstick and gloss on your lips right where you put it. No running! This is a wonderful product that I am surprised that one of the Q vendors hasn't ripped off yet. A great idea that really works! Oh and only $3. Highly recommended. I have lots of

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I too use a clear lipliner to keep certain lip products where they should be.


I don't know if these glosses would bleed in real life but both Doris and Jane seemed to have way too much of the product on their hands and I wondered if that was the problem.  They looked good on the models' lips.