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Was recently watching a YouTube video by Jen Phelps (think thats her last name) and she was showing an eyeshadow palette from Doll10 that I really liked.  So off I went to the website to check it out.  Talked myself out of it as I'm sure that I have all those shades or something very similar in one of my many neutral palettes.  However, I still liked it and thought it was pretty.


Has anyone tried this brand's eyeshadows?  I've bought and enjoyed her lipsticks but haven't tried anything else.


Just curious as to what ya'll think of the eyeshadows.

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Re: Doll 10 eyeshadow palette

I just recently purchased a Doll 10 palette from HSN when I had a coupon (Item #723-449, currently sold out).  I don't think it's anything special and at least half of the colors are too sparkly/glittery for me.  She always says that it's OK for women of a certain age to wear the sparkly eye shadow but personally I think it accentuates my crepey eyelids and it's just a sales pitch.