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I cannot believe that some of you are comparing a dogs to children. Dogs are animals, children are NOT. Please don't put them in the same category... That's just crazy!
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{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}MOLLYTOO: Those of us who love our pets enjoy taking them with us where we can. Most dogs that are with their owners and taken in public are well behaved, well vetted, and great pets, If you do not like it go elsewhere. period. I have yet to get sick from anyone's pet, But its people like you who make me sick.

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I would rather sit in a hair salon with a dog , then screaming, bratty, touch everthing kids.

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When I go to my hair salon or spa, I consider it "me" time. I like to relax or read, chat with my stylist, or simply close my eyes and rest. Thank goodness the ones that I patronize all have policies that only those there for services are allowed in the treatment areas. As much as I love children and pets, more often as not they can be distracting and I am looking to leave it all behind when having my services performed. I really see no reason to bring your kids or pets to a salon setting, as well behaved as you think that they are. JMHO!
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Just an observation....

Why is it that when a single child in a public school has an allergy, such as nuts, the entire school is forced to go nut-free, no more peanut butter offerings at lunch, no more cooking with peanut oil in the school kitchen, etc? But here, when we mention a salon client possibly having an allergy to dog/animal hair, dander, etc., the response is "tough on you, if you don't like it go elsewhere"?

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On 1/25/2014 ItsAidan said: I cannot believe that some of you are comparing a dogs to children. Dogs are animals, children are NOT. Please don't put them in the same category... That's just crazy!

I know. I don't understand it either. I think some have taken this anthropomorphism a bit too far.

But then I never thought I'd read a post asking why we should be considered humans given that we evolved from animals. Does someone really have to tell that poster that that's exactly what evolution means? Good grief.

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On 1/25/2014 allaboutmakeup said:

I would rather sit in a hair salon with a dog , then screaming, bratty, touch everthing kids.

As charming as your other post in which you said " But its people like you who make me sick" to an OP who never said anything to deserve such a venomous response.

~Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
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On 1/24/2014 hullie said:

I really think people can be so close minded. I know Europe and California are more advanced in the freedom associated with pets accompanying their owners. It makes common sense that there will be irresponsible pet owners as well as adults and children with cleanliness issues, rudeness and communicable diseases… we ban them as well, of course not. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. I think they should be allowed everywhere we can go and should have the same legal rights that we have….that is, not considered just a piece of property, love and peace!

ITA; narrow-minded as well!

Europe and CA should set the tone for all places, as they're always at the forefront of things and open to new ideas. I bet there are awesome benefits for animals and their guardians. 8)

This is an awesome website and organization that I think you'd champion:

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If I had t choose between having a dog walking around in my salon, or someone's kids running around, I would choose the dog.

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On 1/24/2014 Feline Fine said:

Some pets are emotional/psychological assistance animals, some are so well-behaved that they're much welcomed and delight most everyone there, and some can't temporarily be left at home... and the car is too dangerous for many reasons.

Would you feel the same way about your fellow clients'; kids?

I know that I personally would be ridiculously-overjoyed, LOL, to have the unexpected pleasure of animal essence in my day. 8)

We could have a spirited discussion (and have many, many times) about what is considered an inappropriate place to bring children. The opinions would run the gamut, from those who don't mind children in most places all the way to those whose distaste of children cannot be disguised.

But what does that have to do, in general, with animals? Animals are NOT humans. Children are humans. I have had both, and guess what? They're not the same. It's not an apple/apple comparison.of course.)

In the theory of evolution, man evolved from apes, an animal, so that makes us humans?

We have EVOLVED? Don't poop or pee wherever we are. Take baths. Are polite and control bodily smells and functions. At least that goes for most of us. We are socialized and civilized. See the difference?

Dogs were domesticated by humans to become pets, making them reliant and dependent on humans, to care for them (to feed, bathe,shelter,etc). They are not Wild dogs, who like other wild animals, are self-reliant and independent; well, to the point that their habitat isn't destroyed (directly/indirectly) , by humans, which, unfortunately, is the case with many of these animals (a very dire matter). If we domesticated dogs to be our pets, we should be accountable for them

When dogs are cared for properly and lovingly, they are a positive asset to society , as shown by work done by therapy dogs, by dogs in the military, by dogs in law enforcement and by dog with the disable. There are personal benefits as well: they offer companionship, love and loyalty, on a remarkable level. Studies have proven that dogs can reduce one's cortisol level, lowering blood pressure and that they have an uncanny ability to detect pain/distress/sorrow..Only good pet owners can come to know the virtues of having a pet. I, for one, am thankful for my pet, as she has made me more compassionate, more patient, more other words, a better person, and If I were locked in a room and had to choose between a room full of good pet owners and a room full of dog haters, I would choose the former. So what about dogs that behave badly. Well, ask, how was the dog raised/trained? Was the dog abused? And, What was the situation? We tend to blame a dog readily because they can not speak for themselves. If a dog is trained/raised to be vicious , than that dog, out of no fault of his own, will be inclined to be vicious. If a dog displays behavioral disorders, there is always a reason and it is correctable. Overall, Since dogs have become a part of man's lives, we should try to integrate them into our society, the best that we can, as responsible humans

To address the other point about man evolving as the higher intelligent being, allowing for superior social and civil skills, that may be so, if we speak of man within his own domain or the society he created for himself. Then the same ,too, can be said, of wild animals and their level of intelligence, where every species have evolved to possess superior traits , to survive, within it's own environment. Speaking further of our "superiority", If man is said to be highly intelligent, it would require one to acknowledge, respectfully, all that one is part of: being the antithesis of an ignorant person. Intelligence leaves little room for arrogance. However, Arrogance,self-entitlement,narcissism , in our society, is clearly apparent in our never-ending deviant and destructive actions (characterized by the lack of respect and disregard) for other humans, animals, nature, etc....Follow the news,step outside, we don't necessarily demonstrate superior intelligence with equally wonderful social and civil skills, as we should;From war, murder,rape, assault, corruption, abuse, pollution,to bullying, meanness, perversions, on and on,and on..inflicted upon humans,animals, and nature. In fact, if we decide to delve further, we find that our actions and behaviors are downright disturbing (or applying one poster's choice of words, " just nasty"). If we are to be human, we should, at the very least, act like one; with a respect for life, all around us.