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Does anyone know Drunk Elephant products?


I've been looking into their products, they have only a few.


Their "black list" of ingredients is interesting, I don't understand some of them.


Wondering if anyone has tried anything from them.


Mainly curious about their Vit C.

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Re: Does anyone know Drunk Elephant products?

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I have not but I recently read good things about their sunscreen.


@Drythe just checked out the ingredients of the C product at Sephora's website- it looks pretty nice! I don't tend to like gels though. Do you know what kind of container it comes in? Lots of nice ingredients in it. Ph range is good too. Interesting!

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Re: Does anyone know Drunk Elephant products?

I bought the Drunk Elephant eye serum a couple of months ago based on the beautpedia review.  I was disappointed in it.  First of all, the packaging, while unique, made it very awkward to use the product (you have to hold it in one hand and click the bottom while having your finger of the other hand ready to recieve the dispensed product or else it will drip onto the floor).  I would have been willing to overlook this, but I soon discovered that the product caused my eye area to feel very dry.  Not irriitated, just extremely dry and uncomfortable.  It wasn't moisturizing at all.  In fact, the area was so parched that I had to layer argan oil over it a couple of times.


I returned it and ended up getting the Lancome Absolu eye cream instead.  I'm much happier with this product.  It is very moisturizing and isn't greasy at all, and my sensitive skin seems to respond well to it without any irritation whatsoever 


Good luck!

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Re: Does anyone know Drunk Elephant products?

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The Vitamin C serum broke me out.  I bought it because of the great reviews.  I wasn't too disappointed because I have super sensitive skin and many highly rated products don't work for me.