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Do you use setting powder over your foundation?

Hi Ladies:

I don't post very often but I do logon daily and really appreciate the advise of those on this board.

I'll be 50 this year. I don't have alot of wrinkles but those I do have are pretty deep, mostly around my mouth. Although I've tried a variety of products to reduce the look of these wrinkles, my greatest issue is my foundation and powder accentuating them {#emotions_dlg.sad}. I think the powder is the main culprit here. I've read many reviews both here and elsewhere (clinique's website, etc), about some great foundations and their staying power, etc, but most everyone never mentions whether they have to "set" the foundation with powder. I've tried a variety of foundations without powder, and although I have mostly dry skin, the foundations I've tried never seem to "set" and usually wind up wearing off or just look unfinished. Although I believe dewy is suppose to make you look younger, I don't care for this type of finish on me.

I would really appreciate some suggestions from anyone whose had this issue and found solutions.

TIA {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}