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Do you use Meaningful Beauty?

The commercials are on all the time.  I was wondering what it's like?  Please share your review and how long you have been using.  Thank you.

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Re: Do you use Meaningful Beauty?

@KatCat1 - I've seen these commercials a lot too and am curious to see what responses your post gets.

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Re: Do you use Meaningful Beauty?

I have not, but you can see the whole line at ulta . com, with lots of very good reviews. and a starter kit. That way you would not have to deal with subscription.


I also think that Jennifer F-Stallone had a line based on the miracle melon, a kind of knock of meaningful beauty.





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Re: Do you use Meaningful Beauty?

Hi @KatCat1 


I read your question this morning and hoped you got more replies, as I am also curious about this line.  

I can tell you an overall comment.... A friend of mine bought the kit from the infomercial a few years ago.  She liked the products and said she noticed an improvement but they were a little too pricey for her budget.