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Re: Do you buy clarifying shampoo?



I know.  I used to buy all the newest shampoos and conditioners and never paid any attention to the ingredients.  I do now!!!  Simple is better and the least amount of ingredients a product has for me, the better.

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Re: Do you buy clarifying shampoo?

@gertrudecloset wrote:

I was going to buy one and was researching which ones would work out for me.  Clarifying shampoos are supposed to rid your hair of product build up.  Product build up includes shampoo, conditioners and other styling products.  


I came upon several articles and youtube videos that discuss the apple cider vinegar hack.  I'm trying it as I type.


1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water.  You can use this before you shampoo, in between shampoo and conditioner or after shampoo and conditioner (but don't rinse it out) if you use after shampoo and conditioner.


It claims to revive dull hair.  Add body to dull hair and rid your hair of longstanding product build up that is not washed out routinely.


I will let you know how it works out for me.  Please chime in, if you've done this before to tell me how it worked out for you.  Thanks, all.

Well, I used the Vinegar and Water.  It really did get rid of the build up.  I use a lot of styling products in my hair (depending on the style).  No wash and go for me.  Must primp.  So of course, I turned right around and used product for my curly, moisturized do.  The thing that won't allow me to do this often is the drying out of my hair.  My hair must have moisture at all times.  Moisturizer, moisturizer.  Moisturizers usually contain some kind of oil or something to make it soft and moist. 


I think I can use the vinegar hack once a month. 

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