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Re: Do you blow dry with medium or high heat?

On 5/26/2014 sjk73 said:
On 5/23/2014 vermint said:
On 5/23/2014 w84WEN said:

Since Chaz mentioned how damaging regular towels were to your hair, I switched to microfiber hair towels. I was amazed how well they worked! My drying time has dramatically decreased and I found using the lowest setting on my hair dryer works perfectly.

Where do you get microfiber hair towels? I tried the Turbie Twist, but it was too small for my big ol' head!


I know, right? My head is rather elongated and when I tried to fasten the Turbie Twist, it actually pulled my hair enough to hurt! I figured that was NOT a good thing, lol!

w84WEN...thanks, I'll check that out!