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You know how a foundation can turn orange or darken as the day goes on? That means it has oxidized. Skincare you put on your face oxidizes too. The actives have depleted their activity can't work anymore.


If you were to put a thin smear of skin serum or cream on a plate and left it out on your counter for 24 hours, or even 12...if it still was usable or could be made so, would you want to put it on your face?


When possible, it is best to wash off your skincare and reapply every 12 hours or so: aka AM and PM cleansing. Do I always do that? Um not always. Woman Embarassed


But we should all also be using the gentlest possible cleanser that still meets any requirements for makeup removal or oil control.

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istureI have read quit a bit on this  Cleaning well at night using all you routine night time syrums important... Washing face in a.m. takes the natural moisturizersaway.   use the tone/macular water/toner in the a.m. is enough and does not strip skin of natural moisture.

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Unless you are using some time of exfoilating serum/product at night, there is no reason to wash your face with a cleanser in the morning. "Washing" with hot to the hands water either with or without a washcloth will suffice.


I've heard this from every facialist and dermatologist not to mention it was the norm when I lived overseas; still is as per family and friends in France and Italy. It's similar to not needing to wash your hair daily with shampoo; you can rinse it to feel fresh but you don't need to actually wash it more than twice a week.


Of course, as is with EVERYTHING.....YMMV

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I just rinse my face with warm water and my hands in the morning, mostly to remove the sleep from my eyes, but I can feel the products on my skin from the night before when I rub the water over my face so it feels good knowing I'm removing those and starting out my morning routine with a clean slate.

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I have to much cleanser not to use it morning and night Woman Happy

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I cleanse morning & night. I don’t give a rat’s patooty what the “experts” say.

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I take a shower in the morning so of course I wash my face too. Ugh, who wants to smell bad?

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Re: Do you agree?

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@TY wrote:

I take a shower in the morning so of course I wash my face too. Ugh, who wants to smell bad?

One can wash their face other than being in the shower you know.

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I jjust splash cool water on my face in the morning but too much cleansing isn’t good for the protective barrier. 

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Thank you for your replies.  I guess it is still up to us what we decide. I plan to keep using my am and pm cleansers  Smiley Happy