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I do not agree.


I want to apply sunscreen on a clean face in the morning. My makeup applies better and looks better on fresh washed face. Would not consider putting eye makeup on without cleansing.


I, too,  have different cleanser for am and pm. I do have dry skin and use a moisturizing cleanser and face feels and looks better than if I just use water.

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Disagree! I heard a skin expert the other day say it well. Who wants all the dead exfoliated skin that your nighttime products are supposed to produce just stuck on your face when you apply more product in the morning? Plus all the oils, sweat, etc that you produce at night? 

Plus with all the cleansers I have, it would take me years to use them up only cleansing at night Smiley Happy

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I have heard some derms say the same thing but common sense needs to come into play here. I work out first thing in the morning so can't imagine not washing my face in the shower. Even if I didn't work out, I would not want to put anything on my face without washing off my skincare from the night before.

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I have acne prone skin. Cystic acne prone too. I have to wash my face. That is why I have to have Retin A.
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I guess I do.... if you wash your face real good at night.... why wash again in the morning?  I just apply a few serums  and my sunscreen and makeup on top in the morning  if I wear any makeup at all.... my skin is not dry or anything and if seem to like my not overwashing it.....


 I think people over wash their bodies in general.   And people scrub their skin TOO MUCH.  No need to exfoliate roughly as most products seem to do. 

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Re: Do you agree?

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Stopped using face cleanser in the morning a couple of years ago and my skin has improved. It not only dries out your skin, it can make your skin sensitive to acid treatments or VIT c. Your face shouldn't be dirty unless you are sleeping in MU. A warm water rinse it plenty enough to take of treatments from the night before if there is anything left. 

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I can tell you this, most Europeans do not bathe like we do. I was stationed there with my husband for four and a half years.
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PS, in summer months it wasn't always pleasant
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I have dry skin and use a soothing milk cleanser in the morning. I tend to do what I feel works for me despite what someone on a shopping channel advises.

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I have the dreaded T-zone, I'm partial to breakouts before periods, and I get a lot of sleep in my eyes so have to cleanse in the morning. Beauty experts aren't going to change my mind and I get compliments on my skin so I must be doing okay! 😉