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The active argan lady on Evine that I watched this morning said Dont wash your face in the morning.


Do you agree with this?


I have an AM and PM cleanser and use them every day.



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Yuck!!  Who wants to start the day with a dirty face?  I know mine would feel awful and putting makeup over that!!  I can go without washing my face at night but not the morning!!

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For me washing implies using a cleanser. So no, I don't wash my face in the morning and only rinse away my nighttime treatments with water in the morning. I wash with a cleanser at night before applying my nighttime products. 


Some people may find it necessary to wash with a cleanser twice daily. But I don't need to.

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I'm going to try it one day. She said it takes 4 days for you to get adjusted to it. 

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No, I don't agree for ladies who, like me, have oily skin.  My face is greasy with oil - especially my forehead - when I wake up in the mornings.  I "cleanse" my face to remove the greasies and to remove the skin care products I applied the night before.  Start fresh!


I suppose someone with very dry skin could skip the morning cleanse and just use water.

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I think it depends on your skin type. You don't want to strip your skin of natural oils or it's moisture and most cleansers do exactly that.  

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Re: Do you agree?

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No, I don't agree.  I used to be able to just take a wet wash cloth and gently wipe my face off in the morning. My skin was on the dry side. Now that it is more combination I can no longer do that.....especially around my nose and chin. 

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In the mornings when I am in the shower I usually just rinse with no soap.  Occasionally my face will feel a bit oilier (hardly ever) and when this happens, I will use a cream cleanser.  Otherwise, no cleanser in the a.m., just at night.  Very sensitive skin and this is all I need.

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I agree that it depends on your skin type.  For my combo skin, I do wash in the morning (and night).

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I only rinse in the morning but I have dry skin.  So far no one has recoiled in horror.