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Do they raise the price of your haircut when you become a regular?

Hi, I get my hair cut at the mall, it's a walk-in but they take appts which I always make. Been seeing same guy for about a year, he does a great job and I always tip well. Last month, I went to pay and the price was 40% more. I remember thinking wow, prices sure went up but paid and gave a very generous Christmas tip.

This sort of bothered me and I"m due for a cut soon so I called just to get a price quote. Well, the rates did not go up at all! I asked what would make a cut more, and she said if you have thick hair, there is more blow-drying or style time. None of these are the case for me as I've grown it out and pretty much just get a bang/ends trim and I'm in/out in about 20 minutes!

So - was wondering, do they raise the price because they know you'll keep coming back? If that's the case, it doesn't seem fair. Should I tip less or go a different day when he's not there? Opinions/experiences? Thanks!