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I'm happy with the recent Tula TSV.  I wish QVC would offer more sets of Tula products. 

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I am happy too with the TSV.  I am loving all 3 products. I already loved the day and night cream and have a stock pile of them. So this TSV was a no brainer for me. I am now also loving the mask!  Wow, it totally clears out the pores on my nose and face without any irratation. The next morning my skin is just glowing. I'm glad I did the auto-ship.

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There is also another post on Tula.   As I said on that one,  I truly liked the feel of the Day Night cream and reordered.  I also sent my sister a kit and she LOVES it.  She has to be careful what she puts on her skin.   I'm using the D/N cream in addition to the Dr. P line, which is what I mainly use.

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I've just started trying it. Was out of town so am just getting around to it and can't yet comment on whether I like it.  I do like the way her creams soak in and don't sit on top of my skin.  Will have to try the mask.  

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Had to return it.  Made my skin itch under jawline.  Never had that before.