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Discontinued makeup sources

I have been looking for a few of my favorite lipsticks and other things that were discontinued; nothing out there even comes close. I have used and eBay and am finding nothing.

wondered if anyone has some other places they can suggest for me to look? TIA!

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Re: Discontinued makeup sources

Wouldn’t the secondary market only have stale product if the item is no longer in production?  In which case I would not want any.

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Re: Discontinued makeup sources




both resale sites 



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Re: Discontinued makeup sources

For Estee Lauder owned brands like Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Becca, Too Faced, Tom Ford, Aerin, Jo Malone go to the bricks and mortar store called The Cosmetics Company Store at the South Premium Outlet Mall in Las Vegas across from a Starbucks inside the mall. That is an Estee Lauder outlet store and they sell discontinued makeup and fragrances.


It's hit and miss of course but I bought a Clinique 2018 holiday eyeshadow palette that was sold out in Canada this past week for about $17 U.S. It's an eyeshadow palette that I wanted to buy earlier this year in Canada but due to Hudson's Bay inventory error online I couldn't buy it so I'm glad to have found it at an Estee Lauder outlet cosmetics store. I knew about this store but never visited it before I heard youtubers Michele Wang talk about it on her luxury beauty channel as she lives in Vegas.