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I was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem getting there FREE gift with purchase they had last month? It was for one hour only and when you purchased a few certain items you would also get a free gift bag of all kinds of items from alot of the beauty companies that are on QVC, they said it would cost$ 250.00 to purchase this by it self. So I ordered an item that I really needed and then I got the free gift, I was so excited to try not only my purchase but the free gift too, I received my order but no free gift so I waited figured it might take longer. Then I noticed the free gift was sent to my address then for some reason instead of dropping it off the post office or whoever sent it back to QVC for no reason!  I have NEVER had this problem before with any products I've ordered from ANY companies, when I called customer service today of course rude as usual that's why I just keep alot of stuff I get rather than ask for help but this time I needed some answers. She said that she didn't know why the free gift was sent back to QVC and then she said there's nothing they can do to resend my free gift back to me l asked why not she just said it will go back to stock. Then made me feel worse when she said" YOU KNOW THIS WAS A GIFT FOR CANCER PATEIENTS DONATED BY THE VENDERS AND NOW ALL FREE GIFTS ARE GONE". I told her I think this was a scam she then said"I'LL CREDIT YOU 50.00 SINCE YOU DIDN'T GET YOUR GIFT" so I just said forget it I'm sending ALL of my orders back that I can even ones I needed she then of course snapped I see you cancel alot of orders too!! Big deal I cancel before it's even processed so I won't have to return it if I don't like it, that's when the real QVC comes to life. Well that's it I don't know what to do, I feel it's a scam or whatever I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or any ideas of what else I can do???

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Re: Did not get my free gift

@Mix alot I have not recieved mine either. Very frustrating! Not sure what to do about it.... Moderators - Are you listening?

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Re: Did not get my free gift

I didn’t receive my free gift either, but why didn’t accept the $50 credit they offered you?