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Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge 1 Cleanser * * * * * 5 stars from me

After reading several extremely positive reviews on different websites about Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge Cleanser I decided to give it a try. It is the very best cleanser I have ever tried and I have tried them all. My senior skin has never had smaller pores, smoother feel and the nice glow that it is getting from this cleanser. They now have #2 and #3 strengths but I was told to start with 1 and work up to 3 which they just came out with. Sephora near me only sells the 1 at this time and the clerk told me she can't wait to try it also that it is the rage getting 5 stars from most people. Definitely worth a try or worth getting a sample of when visiting sephora. It is a cream that you rub on dry skin in a circular motion and then rinse. I have never used anything like it and can't wait to try the rest of their line. If anyone has used any of their other products please post your review of them. Thank you