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Has anyone ever used the drops to add to a sunscreen? If so what did you think and what ss did you use?
Thanks 😊
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I don't think it will work because sunscreen contains oil. Oil removes Dermablend. If you could find a suncreen that doesn't contain any oil, maybe it would work.


I actually like Dermablend but, like you, need to use sunscreen as I live in Florida and have very fair skin. I primarily use Dermablend to hid veins on my lower legs. However, I have a few age spots on my hands that I like to cover, but if I use sunscreen it comes off. You might want to try the natural sunscreens which are zinc and check the label to see if they contain oil.


Post back if you find any!

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Hi I recently started using these pigment drops and I like them . I add  just a one drop to my Colorscience sunscreen and it really gives great coverage.  I Have oily acne prone skin and use cruelty free brands . Dermablend blend although owned  now by Loreal is PETA certified and not sold in China Dr Dray a young dermatologist with her own YouTube channel has a video called Tinted sunscreen for every skin tone . She explains the finding and testing of this product when mixed with other sunscreen.  I also used it over my sunscreen.  I have  never used a product like this so I watched a dermablend video how to plus a few on YouTube.  It is definitely something you can play with to find the best application.  Now would be a good time to try .On the website they are offering 20% off all orders plus if you spend $55 you get a free foundation brush , plus they have a 30 day return policy . Have a great day be safe 😀