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He has a whole line of products on HSN, and has been on there for a couple of years. (HSN was bought by QVC).  All his Tweak'd products are wonderful!!  You can get on a notification email list with HSN to catch all his shows!!  When he has a special show you can get great bargains, and many times free S&H.

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@grandma r wrote:

I wish his products weren't so pricey.  I have always loved the Ojon shampoo!!!  Wish he still made it.



@grandma r This past Fri. Night Beauty show, Tweaked was on with a 3 pc. set of deep conditioner, s&c. It was in the Ojon familiar brown & orange packaging. I’ve ordered it before and it’s really as close to Ojon as we can get.

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@Mothertrucker wrote:

Wow! Love his stuff! miss Ojon..Do you know if his line is exclusive to QVC? 

He started a few years back on HSN with his new line called Tweakd. Now that HSN and QVC are owned by the same company, many of the vendors are crossing over. The majority of products are carried on HSN. QVC just has a small sampling. I have been using this new line for a few years. I actually like his cleanser conditioner better than Wen. 

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No, I just purchased products on HSN

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Ojon was really fantastic for my naturally curly and usually dry hair...I will give his HSN brand a try. (I have been buying Ojon from Amazon and other random places since Q dropped it years ago.) Question...last night the host asked Deniis what his mother's name is, who he supposedly created the products for, and he said Sylvana? That was his wife's name back in the Ojon days when he was married and they were onair together. Kind of funny they are both Sylvana?