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Re: Dark lip liner light lipstick

@Katcat1 wrote:

That was out when it was in and to wear it today is so bad.  Today you wear a clear lip liner or match one to your lipstick color.


@Katcat1   Hi. I make it even easier on myself by matching lip pencil to my lip color. Then I need only one pencil for all lipsticks.

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Re: Dark lip liner light lipstick

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@Shanus   It was a young singer that they were focusing on, it was so evident that the makeup artist was not blending


@Shanus wrote:

I agree it's not attractive, but if the person's in a parade (essentially the same as a performer), it could be theatrical makeup. That's overdone so features are exaggerated and more visible. Ballerinas, opera stars, etc. ,if seen up close, look like they're in drag.  


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