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As @Shelbelle previously posted.........Haloxyl and Vit K are the only ingredients that work to stimulate circulation in the caps beneath the very thin skin under the eye.    I have found that using a Derma Wand also helps (if you can tolerate the "tingling".)    Note:  These eye creams can be found by Googling, and they are usually pricey.    It also takes PATIENCE:  probably 60 to 90 days to see results.

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Re: Dark Under Eye Circles

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Anthony Youn (plastic surgeon) just did his latest podcast on aging eyes.  He said that darkness, as another reply mentioned, comes from thinning skin.  So you need to use a retinol product.  Do not use Retin-A because it is too strong.  I know he has recommended ROC's Correxion eye cream in his book.  He now has his own line of products, but I've never tried them.  Anyway, he said it takes at least 6 months for the skin to show results.  If you want to brighten you eyes with makeup then try something like the YSL Touche Eclat pen.  It would cover the dark circles completely - but might give your eyes a little brightening.  For concealers, I find Tarte's Shape Tape concealer to be exceptional.

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I've tried numerous creams with Vitamin K and Haloxyl and several others that claim to reduce dark circles under the eyes.  None of them did a thing for me.


I resigned myself to finding a good concealer and covering them up. 

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There are several different reasons for dark circles. Thin weakened skin, hereditary hyperpigmentation, facial structure.


So you have to target the issues that actually affect you if you want to improve circles. Mine are mainly due to facial structure, and a little due to thin aging skin. The bridge of my nose is fairly high and my eyes are slightly sunken. That creates a hollow circle under the eye socket. (My best friend growing up had this type of structural circle even as a little girl.) As facial fat shifts downward with age, they get worse--gack!


Haloxyl and peptides help me with skin strength and less fluid and blood pooling (yuk), but building volume under my eye area has had the biggest effect on filling in the structural depression.


And yeah of course a good concealer is also key. I use Bye Bye Undereye when needed.

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I have hereditary dark circles and hollowing, no under eye cream or serum will work miracles. It is worse when my allergies are flaring up (like now). I did notice a subtle improvement with isomers all in one mesmereyez (sp?) and I use that twice a day, and a retinol cream at night. However the best thing I ever did was get under eye fillers, it really helped with the hollowing which made the darkness much less noticeable. Pricey but no cream/serum will get those reaults.
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I think if your dark circles aren't too dark you might see some improvement with a cream.  I did with Clinique's eye cream. I don't know that it would work on seriously dark circles.  My guess is probably not.

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Have you tried the Genie product here on Q? This is one that people love or hate but I am team love. I have used this for many years and whenever I see it getting trashed here I do my little test. I put it one one eye (a teenie tiny bit....that's the secret) let it dry and then ask DH which eye looks better. EVERY time he picks the Genie eye immediately. Even he is amazed. I wear mineral makeup so it does not interfere with the "holding up of the under eye baggage" problem. It WORKS great for me everyday (and I know a bunch will jump in and say it didn't for I said a love or hate product). Try it on Q and return if it doesn't work for you. If it does you'll never want to run me.