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And................It's a keeper!!! I could not wait to try this! I ran into the bathroom, cleansed my face and applied the whole kit... right then!

I really like the concealer. It's very light, creamy, and it's a great color. The best part it's not gooey like the tarte.

My favorite piece is the MASCARA!!! It's amazing! It actually makes my lashes have that wide-awake look. It's not clumpy and the tilt feature really let's you get to though hard to reach lashes.. I really love it!

The liner brush is like nothing I have tried and it's a definite winner!! Genius innovation in my book. The liner color is something I have to get used to as I use BB gel liner in black but I think i can layer it to get a richer color.

Soo... in conclusion this has been one of the BEST TSV's, I have purchased in long time! Way to go Doris!

Have you tried yours yet?