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More than a sigh. I'm at the beach. Heading home today. Prayers for safe travel. Prayers.
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Re: Daily chat Tues. 5/29/14

Safe travels for Bethee! Hope that you had a wonderful time at the beach!! I've had vertigo for a few days. Haven't really been on the boards. Finally feel better today. That means back to cleaning, laundry and cooking....beach sounds better! ..... Prayers for everyone, especially Catstamper's father, family and the doctors treating him. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day!
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Re: Daily chat Tues. 5/29/14

Hi Bethee. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Your pictures on FB looked so beautiful! Not much happening here today besides cleaning. Busy rest of the week coming between DD graduation, Bermuda trip and I'm headed to the casinos again! Hello to everyone that stops in here!
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Re: Daily chat Tues. 5/29/14

Good afternoon ladies. Sunny and a little warmer today.

Bethee, hope you had a great time at the beach. I know how hard it is to leave it.

Karin, glad you are feeling better today. Don't overdo it though. The laundry and dirt aren't going anywhere.

Love, hope everything goes well for graduation. Good luck at the casino.

Cat, prayers for your dad, you and the rest of the family.

Our motor home is supposed to be ready by Wednesday or Thursday. They called yesterday to tell us that. We'll see. Not leaving till they call and tell us it is all done and ready to go.

Hi to all who stop by today. Have a good day.


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Re: Daily chat Tues. 5/29/14

I wanna be at the beach. Waah! Bethee, glad you had a good time, and safe travels home.

Sapphire, I hope the motor home is really ready this time. Thanks for the prayers. Dad had a CAT scan today, hope they found good news.

Love, good luck! Best wishes to DD! Bermuda? Waaah! I wanna go to Bermuda!

Karin, hope you are feeling better. The laundry is not going anywhere, and it's good to have healthy dust bunnies! Thanks for your prayers, too.

Bad day. I was at the client's office (a State building) where they are doing major renovations, and replacing the roof. I knew they were replacing it due to ongoing leaks, but the reaction I was having was manageable. Today, not so much. They must have gotten into an area with a lot of mold, because I had a bad reaction. Fortuitously, my boss was there for a meeting that I attended, and he saw how bad it got and was quite positive that I should get out of there. I don't have to go back until next Tuesday, and if it's still bad, I am outta there.

Prayers, hugs, blessings, best wishes for good luck at casinos, good graduations, fixed motor homes, bye-bye vertigo, and safe travels.