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Morning. Didn't sleep too well since DH's c-pap 'leaking.' Had to keep hitting him! Another hot one.

Cat, glad you got wiring taken care of and painted. Sounds pretty. So much work needs done around here, but it'll never get done. Ugh. I saw lauramac on FB yesterday. Hope she comes for a visit, too. Sapphire, did you get storms again? I saw the watches for Pa and part of MD.


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Re: Daily Chat, Wed., 9/3/14

Good morning ladies. Another hot day again here also. Yes Bethee we had some storms last night. The lights flickered but we didn't lose power.

Cat glad you found the electrical problem before it caused any damage. Something always has to turn a simple project into a major one. Hope the painting is finished soon.

Got the laundry started then hoping I can start staining the frame DH had to build around the new fridge.

Have a good day all.


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Re: Daily Chat, Wed., 9/3/14

Hi, ladies. We got some hard rain and thunder/lightning last night, and it's cloudy today. And hot.

Sapphire, have fun staining!

Bethee, sorry DH's CPAP is leaking. My DH just stopped using his, doesn't think that his apnea is bad. I generally go into the spare room so I can sleep. I know that I snore some, but he seems to be able to sleep through me snoring, and his could wake the dead.

Hugs and blessings.