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Morning. Grumpy & sleepy. DH was home and his leaking cpap kept me awake last night. Guess I'll get to grocery store, need to get to gym, then out to eat w/friends. DS & DH need to straighten up the garage some first before the leave tomorrow so I can get my car in. Men! Yea, I'm in a bad mood.

V, keep us updated on your dear GD. I can't imagine.


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Re: Daily Chat, Tues., 3/31/15

Hi Bethee! I hope your mood is better and maybe you got in a nap? Grumpy & Sleepy makes me think of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs!

I just did the usual chores today. DH said the workers were coming to tile our downstairs bathroom & put in the floor, but they never showed up. Oscar may go back in for another surgery on Thursday. {#emotions_dlg.unsure} DS and I looked through his baby pictures. He thought it was so cool and me, I wish I could jump into a time machine & go back to when my kids were that little! {#emotions_dlg.wub} Such fun times!

V, praying for your grand daughter.

sapphire, I love cats & kittens! One time I had two cats give birth around the same time. We had 13 cats running around my house! {#emotions_dlg.w00t}

So when is the next BE show? You said you got a cancellation email Bethee?

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Re: Daily Chat, Tues., 3/31/15

Hi, ladies. Love, surgery again? Someday you have to tell me what's going on with that man! I hope things go well. Sweet, looking through baby pics with DS. They do grow up too fast, don't they? We just got a wedding invitation from the daughter of my yoga friend. I've known this girl since before she was born, and she's getting MARRIED! How does that happen? My DH was going through pics on his old desktop and found some of her when she was just a wee thing.

V, prayers for GD. So awful, and I hope she's getting better.

Bethee, I had the same thought as Love - 2 dwarves at once! I hear you about the CPAP = that's why I sleep in the spare room so much! I hope your day got better.