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Morning. Getting up to get ready for work. Hopefully can get off early. Boss left early yesterday b/c she had gone to eye doc and they dilated her eyes. She couldn't see to work, so I left about an hour early, too. My sis has a doc appt this a.m. and her son has one this p.m. so I think they'll come here and we'll do pizza for supper. She's been off for spring break but her son hasn't! I think he'll be off next Mon & Tues but she won't. Going to be about 70 here today, rain tomorrow and only about 54 on Sat. They say sunny for Easter Sunday. Special prayers to karin's DD and V's GD, the in-laws, out-laws and Oscars.


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Re: Daily Chat, Thurs., 4/2/15

Good morning ladies. Another warm and sunny day here. We are planning a beach day tomorrow.

Bethee I hope you can get out of work early and start your Easter weekend. We won't be doing anything special since the family is all back in Pa. My sister posted a picture yesterday of the snow they got the past 2 days. It's supposed to be pretty warm for them for a couple of days but the nights are still cold.

Cat the only reason I'm doing the leash thing is because she absolutely refuses to use the litter box. I'm hoping once she is spayed and being kept in as much as possible (only out for potty) she will decide to use one.

The kitties all seem to be healthy and doing well. I'm glad she started to hang around so that we were able to make sure she was well fed during her pregnancy.

Love, Karin and V prayers for your loved ones. Hope all goes well for everyone having procedures and that V's GD is recovering quickly.

Hi to all who stop by today. Have a good day.


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Re: Daily Chat, Thurs., 4/2/15

Hi Ladies. It sure has been a long day with DD. Thank you, everyone for your well wishes and prayers. They gave her a Valium to take an hour before her appointment. When they called me to go back to her, she was bawling. She wanted to text her boyfriend and thought she had no tongue. She cried and cried. She wanted Chinese noodles but they weren't open yet- she cried. She wanted me to take her to school at lunch so her boyfriend could hug her and feed her jello- I told her not today and she cried some more. I couldn't help but laugh. She was so upset over everything and trying to cry/talk with gauze in her mouth. She is resting now and got two orders of Chinese noodles to eat as needed.

Bethee, hope you are enjoying your time with sis and nephew.

Sapphire, we are trying to train our kitty to walk with a harness. It isn't going well. I know he would have fun taking short walks but I'm not holding my breath.

V, prayers for your family. I hope that GD is cheering soon.

Hello to everyone. I hope that you all have had a wonderful day. Prayers

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Re: Daily Chat, Thurs., 4/2/15

Oh, Karin, I can so relate. I had my wisdoms out 2 at a time. One was in the morning and went fine. The other was after lunch, I had to fast, took a valium or some such when I got to the office, and was crying, hallucinating, all over the place. My poor mom showed up to get me (the office was 3 blocks from school) and it took her, the doctor and the assistant to get me into the car, and I had to sleep in the car until Dad got home because Mom couldn't get me out. I hope DD feels better soon. Sleep is very good!

V, hope that GD is getting better. Prayers.

Sapphire, beach for you, snow for your sister. AAAHH! I hope that kitty starts using the litter box. Poor you! Enjoy the beach. I wanna...... yeah, you all know I wanna be at the beach!

Bethee, did you get out early? Pizza sounds good. It's pizza night on Friday at our house. When do your men get back?

Rain here tomorrow, but that's ok for Good Friday!

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