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Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

Some freezing drizzle out this a.m. Guess will head to church. It's been closed the last 2 Sundays, so can't close a 3rd!


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Hi Ladies! It is lightly raining here too. Hubby had some ice on the way home this am but just rain here.

Bethee, churches are finally on track here too. Wish it wasn't allowed to snow after the start of March!

DD's BF is over right now. Sure wish she wasn't old enough to be in high school and have boyfriends that are old enough to grow facial hair:/

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day! I'm going to start dinner... It has to cook a while.. Prayers

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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.Good afternoon ladies. Finally stopped raining, been raining for days. Next chance for more rain is Friday. It's been an unusually cool and rainy winter here. I'm still glad I don't have to go through what so many of you are going through with the cold and snow. Hope spring comes early for everyone.

Our neighbors here in the campground got a new puppy. It's a Maltese and it's so cute. Their other than dog passed away in December, from leukemia. She's outside with him every 2 hours to go potty. I don't know if I could do that anymore. Our last dog was a rescue and he was 6 months old and housebroken. He lived to 16 so it has been a very long time since we went through housebreaking. I think if I can ever consider getting another dog I would rather get a rescue anyway.

Nothing much going on here. Going to make potato pancakes later. It's so time consuming but haven't had them in awhile. I always eat too many of them.

Bethee, I hope your eyes aren't going to act up again. Did you get an appointment yet?

Karin, it's tough having teenage girls, I know I had two of them. Luckily they were good. You just have to trust them and believe you did your job well. I know, easier said than done. Now I have a 14 year old granddaughter and I believe she will be a real challenge for her parents.

Hi, Cat, Love and anyone else who stops in today. Have a good day.