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Happy Pi day! Math was NOT my fave subject!

Not sure what we'll do today. I didn't find a mattress pad; and no one around to ask if they had some "in the back." Grrr. Do y'all have a Panera Bread nearby? We do. My sis and I usually stop in on way back from eye appts. I have a free coffee coming due and says it expires 3/14--does that mean I can still get it today? Hope so.

Well, I wish there was more activity here. Starting to feel like it's not worth it.

BE well, BE safe. Prayers.

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Re: Daily Chat, Sat., 3/14/15

Well I typed a post, had to stop in the middle, came back and finished, hit submit and it disappeared.

Beautiful day here.

Hope everyone is well. Have a great weekend.


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Re: Daily Chat, Sat., 3/14/15

Hi Ladies! We had rain for a good part of the day but then the sun came out.

Bethee, math is not my thing either. I'm thankful DD is good at math(9th grade). I have used the parent teacher store a few times because they don't teach things now like I was taught(I'm 42). We do have Panera. They are building one about 3.5 miles away so I'll be there more often. DH and I like to go for lunch sometimes.

I understand your frustration with not many posts on the DC. I feel like if it gives even one person a little break from their day and a place to vent, say hi or just read and not post that day.. Well I think it's worth it.

Sapphire, the air show sounds like fun. I'm glad that you are having a nice weather day. Hopefully most days will be beautiful while you are still there.

I'm feeling like it's almost my bedtime. Cats are already on the bed, Sugar Gliders are awake, I can't even hear DD on the phone right now. That's strange lol. DS is in bed watching a video on his Kindle...... I love the "settle down" part of the evening!

I hope that everyone has sweet dreams! Prayers.