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Morning. Chilly but supposed to be in the 50s. Hopefully spring is here. Haven't looked at what's been offered for BE yet today. Guess I'll take a peak soon. Feel like i"m dragging some after losing that one hour of sleep!

Sounds like karin had a good time shopping. Hope flooding won't be too bad.


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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/9/15

Almost afternoon....I'm dragging too...I thought it was the increase in one of my meds....but could be time change n med increase, who knows.?. We are having Spring temps this week but a lot of rain....the Pollen count will and is high....after the rain Pollen is still in the high numbers!! Hey to all who enter in today.. Prayers to all...
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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/9/15

Good afternoon ladies. Nice day today and really warm tomorrow. Glad we didn't get the rain they were predicting. Looks like everyone will have a warm up this week. Hope it doesn't cause flooding. I know the ice jams on the rivers back home sometimes cause problems.

Kind of tired also. Must be the time change. Got up at 4:45 but my body still thinks 3:45. Seems like we just set the clocks back. We only have about 5 weeks before we leave here. Don't know when we'll get home, it all depends on how the weather is back there.

Not interested in the TSV but I hope someone posts if they have the jumbo mineral veil. A OTO on the rescue gel would be nice ??.

Have a good day everyone.


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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/9/15

Hi, ladies. Yup, draggin' here, too. DH has a cold. It could kill him. Seriously, the list of things that he can't do because he doesn't feel good is priceless. I told him I was writing them down for the next time I'm not feeling well and still have to make dinner, and coffee, and etc.... Men. Ugh.

It was 60 today, and the melting is epic. I hope that there isn't a lot of flooding. And places like Boston, wow, the potential flooding is amazing. It froze some overnight but hopefully we won't have that tonight.

V, good to see you, sorry you're feeling draggy. I had to go back to bed after DH went to work because I got to bed late (and yet here I am!) and had forgotten to change the clock in the spare room. Or my car. I was on the way my client's site when the guy on the radio said the time and I just looked at the radio and said "Huh??" then called to tell them I was on the way. So, off to bed.

Sapphire, I guess it would be too much to ask for a BE OTO, right? Remember when the last show on a BE TSV day was always BE, and there was almost always a goodie OTO? I need nothing, but still. Enjoy your 5 weeks!

Bethee, I looked, didn't see anything that made me say wow.

Hugs, ladies. beddie-bye time!