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Morning. How, Mar. is almost over. DH & DS went to the Inn at Va Tech yesterday. They'll come home today. Slept well last night and didn't want to get up this a.m. So sleepy. Hope all had a good weekend. It was COLD here. I didn't see it, but some people were posting pix of snow on their decks. It's supposed to be in the 60s this week. It's spring break for youngest DS; they talked about going to the beach, but we'll see. It'd be nice to do some spring cleaning and clean OUT around here. Wonder if DS would want to paint his room...?

Off to finish getting ready for work. Not sure what my schedule will be; wouldn't mind taking part of the week off myself.


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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/30/15

Hi Bethee..Spring cleaning on my agenda too this week..for the upcoming week snow here thank goodness..My DSs in university were out two weeks back but loaded up with work. One is making a hydroponics lab at the university. DH will be pitching in. How are your eyes? I keep seeing things about apt for your eyes? Did you hear when Lisa Mason will return?I liked her when she was on..a very positive type person.. Karin and I could be least in the same part of the is the family member that broke her hip? I hope everything gets better with everyone here husbands ..aunts ..illness etc.. Prayers and blessings to all..
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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/30/15

Hi Ladies. Lol, I think I posted on the wrong day. I'm so mixed up!

Haddie, thank you for asking, DH's grandmother broke her hip two weeks ago yesterday. She is in a rehab center. No weight AT ALL for 8 weeks. A hydroponic lab sounds like a lot of work. Hope it goes well.

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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/30/15

Good evening ladies. Had a couple of cool nights here.

Haven't been on in a couple of days. V, that's awful about your GD. I hope she makes a speedy recovery. At least when you're young it's a little easier. Hope your FIL doesn't cause you too much trouble. Men seem to get so cranky when they get older.

Love, glad Oscars surgery went well and hope this is the end of his health issues for awhile.

Bethee, I really hope your eyes don't start acting up again. Fingers crossed.

Sorry if I missed anyone. It's been a little hectic the last couple of days. The cat I have been trying to get to stay inside came in Saturday night and had 6 kittens. So now she's in but still won't use the litter box. She ran out this morning but came back after taking care of business. I went and bought a harness and leash today. Our older cat wasn't happy about the new one but since the kittens were born she's been a real witch. She won't eat and she went to the bathroom in a couple of places that weren't the litter box. It's going to be a real treat traveling home with 2 cats and 6 kittens. We leave Florida in 2 weeks.

Well that's enough for now. Hope everyone who is under the weather in any way feels better soon.

Have a good evening


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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/30/15

Hi, ladies. I woke up with a middling bad headache, went back to bed and got to work late, but at least the headache is gone. Chilly this morning, but it warmed up some. It's supposed to be in the high 30s overnight and rain tomorrow.

Sapphire, bless you! 2 cats, 6 kittens, and none of the adults happy! Sounds like a fun trip! I hope that your older cat gets over herself. Try some Rescue Remedy or Feliway - they sell both at Petsmart.

V, I'll have to catch up on GD, but I hope all is getting better.

Karin, I hope Grandmother is feeling better. Scary how a broken hip can affect folks.

Haddie, I like Lisa Mason, too. So calm and nice! My sister was talking about putting in some hydroponics, just a small at-home setup. They're doing research now.

Bethee, don't work too hard! I hope you can take some time off. You said BEACH! I'm actually going to the beach in a couple weeks. A friend and I are going to a rubber stamp show on the eastern shore, about an hour and a half from the beach, then the second night we'll go to Rehoboth. Just for the day, but still, BEACH! I hope it warms up and doesn't rain on us.

Hugs to all,

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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 3/30/15

V, so sorry to hear about you GD. What the hey?!! That is so awful. I hope she recovers and do so quickly. Was this like that illness going around, seems like right many in CO or out west somewhere, that really affected kids and paralyzed some. So sorry. Cat, glad you're better. I think DH & DS are going to go to PA and do some work at the home place. And visit his mom. And bro, I imagine. I'm going out to eat with friends tomorrow evening. DH is off work this week but is going tomorrow for retirement party for his boss. Hi, karin and sapphire and haddie. Wow, sapphire, kittens! Good luck.

Oh, I got an email "reminder" that the BE show on 4/18 is no longer scheduled.