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Morning, ladies. Had wind and rain last night, but nothing like the midwest. Prayers for those folks. DH & DS had gone to PA; brought home a corner cupboard, dresser, and another dresser w/mirror. Have no idea where we're going to put all this. DH had already brought some other stuff home. Also, brought home the truck that DS has been begging to get. Can't drive it yet b/c title not transferred and not insured with us. We are not going to be able to afford all this car insurance. Ugh. Did 3 loads of just DH's laundry last night and finishing this a.m. before I go to mom's. DH's still has clothes in the living room, his suitcase, dresser drawers and who knows what else right there where you come in the front door. My house is a wreck. Sis' DH has a doc appt Tues.

Sapphire, hope you'll have internet in FL so you can keep in touch! V, I saw you put up a chat yesterday, but again, hardly any activity. Sad.