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Well, guess this wasn't really missed.

I worked yesterday; busy, busy. I can't work next Thurs b/c I have an eye doc appt. School 2-hrs late today; I didn't see any white stuff, but counties north of us were closed, so I guess northern part of our county must have gotten some snow. Happy First Day of Spring!


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Re: Daily Chat, Fri., 3/20/15

Good afternoon ladies. Another hot one here. They've been having record high temperatures. Back home the GC were getting out of school at 11:30 because of the snow.

Not doing anything today except sitting under the awning. Did my morning walk while it was still dark and cooler. After sundown DH and I will go for a stroll as that is all it really is with him.

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a good day and a nice weekend.


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Re: Daily Chat, Fri., 3/20/15

I got snow! Heavy, wet, sloppy snow. I got up and emailed work that I was going to work from home until I saw how things got, then looked up and it was almost noon, so I went ahead and worked from home. Went out to mail stuff and get pizza and took DH's car (the one that lives outside) and even though it was only a couple inches, it was a mess to clear off.

Happy first day of Spring, indeed! Sapphire, it sounds like a good day.

Bethee, good luck with the eye dr.

Sleepy. I didn't sleep well, and was up and down. We're supposed to get freezing rain overnight, so I might just sleep all morning. Or clean the house. Maybe.

Hugs, ladies!