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My lip glosses all have doe foot applicators. I don't worry about it, as I'm the only one using them--so they go directly on my lips.


My foundation, blushes, highlighters are all Laura Geller, so can't put them on the back of my hand, even if I was so inclined. Brush goes in product, brush goes on face--and I very rarely wash my brushes, even my eye makeup brushes. I'm 67 and have never had any problems from "dirty" brushes...but, again, I'm the only one using them.



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I honestly never understood how people were grossed out by a moisturizer that you could scoop your finger into and then apply--because of bacteria and contamination, etc.


Who uses a clean q-tip to apply lipstick every time, every day?


I don't.


And they say that our mouths are worse than a dog's mouth.  I don't know why they say that, but I know I've seen that for gospel.....although I never let my dog's mouth near my mouth, tbh.


So just think about what's been lingering on all those tubes of lipstick you have opened and only use once in a while.  Honestly, I only use one tube at a time as I only prefer one shade.  But, it does get re-used/re-applied--without a clean q-tip.  <thud>


And we don't use a different applicator every time we use our mascara.  Don't anyone say they do--cuz they're lyin'!  


Howz that for bad grammar?

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Hi @Shanus 


Make up is probably not the most hygentic thing to begin with.  And you make a good point, the doe foot will pick up bacteria from the face and put it back in the bottle.  But that's probably true of lip products, too 


I think your approach, using a separate metal plate is the probably the best you can do to keep it clean.  Especially, in your line of work, that the products aren't kept to personal use.  Same with mascara and the wand.... 


I try to keep my products sealed and clean.  If the cap breaks or whatever, I pitch it.  I have rarely had anything really seem spoiled-- you know, bad smell, consistency or color change.  But those are tell tale signs not to use, too. 


And here's something that is really gross-- I stick my finger right in a lip balm or moisturizer.  Sometimes I just washed my hands, but probably not everytime.  YUCK! LOL 

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@justashopper   Maybe I'm so used to being "aware" working w/ others, it carried over to my personal maeup, too. 

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@Shanus wrote:

I've been applying them to a glass/metal makeup palette (I mix foundation shades on there, too) or on the back of my hand and use it from there. I'm thinking much more hygienic.



What do you think about these doe foot applicators? Sanitary or not?

I think that my fingertips are just as clean as the back of my hands.  I hope they are.  (It would be hard for people to put their contacts in using the back of their hands!  lol)


I'm obsessive about washing my hands (practically every time I walk in the kitchen, always before I eat something, everytime I pet my cats, etc.)


I guess you have to pick your battles.  Demodex---friends or foes?Woman Very Happy



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@Lucky Charm 


@Lucky Charm 


As with SO many things in this era of social media and the Internet, a lot of things get blown way out of proportion.  The era of misinformation is having it's moment LOL


I think the dog analogy is that their mouths are cleaner FOR THEM than ours are for us.  I knew of a man that let his dog lick his (the man's) wound for healing purposes.  Doesn't work.  


This reminds me of my brother who recently died from lung, liver and brain cancer.  My parent's poodle licked my brother's head constantly.  If he was sitting down, Jake (the poodle) was fervently licking his head and he let him Smiley Surprised  I couldn't do that!  They say some dogs can sniff out cancer.  Jake has never attempted to lick anyone else's head.  He didn't casually lick it.  It was like he was on a mission Smiley Sad